Past Events


Curry lunch at Les Unelles

A number of our members enjoyed a curry lunch get together in January. It was a great opportunity to some sample Indian cuisine and socialise.


Walk on Tuesday 14th May

We go for regular walks with the other members of the Anglophone association, and here are a few photos from our most recent outing.

Days Out

Discovering St. Lô

Our second guided walk of 2021 with Simon Tasset, this time discovering the town of Saint Lô. Some 97% of Saint Lô was destroyed by bombing in 1944 and the architectural style of the town now reflects the overriding urgency and construction methods employed to rebuild the town as quickly as possible after the War.

Charity Lunch

(This event was filmed before the introduction of mandatory social distancing. It contained some flash photography.) Members of the Association met on 29 February with

Fête nationale

C’est sous le soleil de Normandie et dans une atmosphère chaleureuse et conviviale que nous avons célébré le 14 juillet chez Louise et Dave en