Beach Picnic -11th August 2016

A picnic, a swim in the sea and a game of bat and ball – some of the simple pleasures of the annual beach picnic, one of my favourite Anglophone events, held this year on 11th August.  It was a cool blustery day, but at least the sun was shining.  

We gathered on the beach at Gouville at midday, 14 adults and 3 children, to enjoy our picnics, sharing around some of our goodies








Next, a swim and games. With a brisk wind, the sea was very rough, an orange flag was flying, and we had already watched anxiously as some fishermen struggled to bring their boat ashore in the big waves.


 Nevertheless, three brave souls ventured in for a paddle and a bracing swim. 






Some of us played bat and ball, both singles and doubles, others played beach darts, the children larked around in the sand, and the rest sunbathed, chatted and relaxed, all happy to spend some time together at the seaside.







It was a very enjoyable afternoon  and reminded us how lucky we are to live near these fabulous Normandy beaches.

Write up and photos courtesy of members