VeloRail, Condé-sur-Vire – June 10th 2015

Our June event saw 20 of us head for Condé-sur-Vire and the Velorail.

Having glimpsed our mode of transport for the next hour or so, we were all eager to get going.

With 4 to a cart, the 2 cyclists adjusted the seats and took up their position, whilst the other two sat back an prepared to enjoy the ride!


We cycled for about 5.5km when we reached the end of the line.

After turning the carts around, there was time for some quick refreshments before we all headed back.

A very easy cycle even for inexperienced riders.

Having arrived safely back at the start point, with no injuries and no exhaustion, we returned to our cars and drove to a nearby picnic site where another 4 members joined us.

We unpacked our picnics and enjoyed the sunshine, the company and our favourite picnic food for a couple of hours before we all headed for home.

An extremely enjoyable day and one we must repeat.